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and controversy
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"community", 80s music, acoustic guitars, andros, andros island, andros journals, ani difranco, appalachian trail, awakenings, b-dubs, ben harper, best friends, bob girton, bogarts, bogarts highschool band challenge, buckaroo bandits, chai, chocolate, chocolate pudding, chucks, cincinnati, cincinnati public schools, clark, clark montessori, coldplay, college tour, community service, cooters, cuddling, dance parties, dancing with myself, dct, discussions, disney, dispatch, don pablos, drama, dreams, e.e. cummings, eastern avenue, erdkinder, fall camping, fight or flight, french, girls soccer, goonies, graeters, grilled cheese, harry potter, high school, highschool band challenge, holding hands, honesty, hoodies, hsbc, hugs, hyde park, hyde park square, indian food, indigo girls, inside jokes, intersessions, job internships, karaoke, knowing what is important, leg warmers, listening, marta, mary wertheimer, melissa ferrick, milk, montessori, montessori method, mr rothwell, muffins, north avondale montessori, old friends, people-watching, phone calls, photography, pineapple pizza, poetry, procrastination, quad 5 crew, quad 5 trio, ramen, randomness, raspberries, reading, running, safety pins, seminars, senior projects, shackrock, shackrock recordings, shindigs, simon and garfunkel, singing, sitting in circles, sitting on tables, sitting on the floor, skiing, skyline, soccer, stars, steel band, strobe lights, sublime, sweat pants, tegan and sara, tequila, text messaging, the bahamas, the exumas, the labyrinth, the nati, the pretenders, the roots, the smiths, the t, thrifting, tim mcgraw, tinkerbell, tracy chapman, traveling, weed, weezer, wham!, writing